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[Video Geekery] Human Arabesque

[Video Geekery] Human Arabesque

Beautiful bit of film making…

[video geekery] Controlling environmental light

[video geekery] Controlling environmental light

Today, when I was shooting some elevator pitch videos for Informatics Ventures TV I encountered a challenging lighting situation. I wanted to feature the amazing view from the top floor of Appleton Tower (home of Informatics Ventures at the University of Edinburgh), without super powered lights and the resulting excessive heat they generate. So i decided instead of trying to match the exterior brightness, I’d cut the exterior brightness using ND (Neutral Density) gel/filter.

I took a visit to Northern Light, technical event production peeps,  and bought some of their finest ND16 (a mighty 4 stops). And voila! Here you can see the usually blown out bright exterior, but the middle pane has been darkened by the gel taped to the window. Pretty as a picture, and a beautifully exposed view over Edinburgh and Fife.

ND16 gel for window background


Video: Scottish Older People's Assembly, 25th October 2011

The Scottish Older People’s Assembly is a one-day conference is for older people and their representatives from across Scotland to debate key issues including active ageing, pensions and personal finance and reshaping care for older people.

The conference was webcast on 25th October 2011. The videos below include presentations from Highland Senior Citizens’ Network and Dumfries & Galloway Seniors Forum plus a link to older people from House in the Park care complex in Hamburg, Germany. The keynote speakers are Nicola Sturgeon MSP and Steve Webb, Minister of State for Pensions, speaking live from Westminster.

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    Edinburgh Festivals Ideas Challenge @Edfestsideas

    Just launched! Edinburgh Festivals Ideas Challenge: another wonderful project from Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab. Gaining the good love it deserves. Got an idea about how things are run around here? Most people have an opinion. Plus you can win prizes! Er… it’s a no brainer right? Get stuck in!

    Disclosure: I was project manager and shot this great little film. Biased? Hell yes!

    Edinburgh Festivals Ideas Challenge from Erin Maguire on Vimeo.


    LIVE online: National Theatre Scotland present 24 hours of Five Minute Theatre

    Like theatre? Fancy watching it online? You’re in for a treat, and from the comfort of your own home!

    24 hours of live theatre starts at 5pm Tuesday 21st June 2011. Right here: Five Minute Theatre. It is brought to you by National Theatre of Scotland in celebration of five dramatic years producing cutting edge theatre. Both live theatre and pre-recorded shows from national and international submissions will be shown round the clock. Take a look at the schedule.

    I am one of the technical consultants for the logistics of the live video stream, on behalf of Envirodigital and will be one of three Production Vision Mixers for the duration of the event at the NTS HQ in Glasgow alongside the large NTS team.

    Follow @NTSonline for updates and use the #fiveminutetheatre hashtag. If you watch be sure to say hi on the chat.


    Culture Hack Scotland, May 2011

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that Culture Hack Scotland happened! Hosted by festivalslab the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab and co-produced with Rohan of festivalslab; Suzy from Trigger; and myself (on behalf of AmbITion Scotland). After co-producing the Culture Hack Day, London in January I was in a good position to advise on how to collect the data, issues to circumnavigate and what’s needed for an event like this.

    What a wonderful, prolific, and confirming event it was. Like a breath of fresh air tinged with the smell of data being crunched and squooshed into a mighty fine showcase. This event demonstrated the talent of the tech scene in Scotland and the need for the cultural sector to have some kind of ongoing forum for work of this nature. Check it out on this video i put together:

    Culture Hack Scotland: The Hacks from festivalslab.

    I sorted all the logistics, tech and IT, catering, venue, assets for presentations and videoed the presentations on the opening night and the ‘show and tell’ you see above.




    Be Good Be Social – hell yeah!

    be good be social

    Wowzer! A top event put on by the impressive #begoodbesocial team. I was honoured to support the event and web streamed it free of charge and enjoyed every minute of it. Great atmosphere, good topics and a superb example of using QR at an event, summarised nicely here by Hugh Wallace.


    P2P? Parthenon 2 Parthenon! More fundraising for St. Columbas Hospice


    Parthenon2Parthenon (P2P2011 on twitter) A.K.A Chris Strother and Stuart Doyle were cycling outside Starbucks on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh for about 4 and 1/2 hours fundraising for St Columbas and training for their big cycle coming up in May. As i was on the organisers team for Edtwestival who were fundraising for the same charity I went to meet them for a chat. Check out their blog post on how it was for them.

    In May, Chris and Stuart will cycle from the Parthenon in Athens, Greece to the Parthenon on Carlton Hill here in Edinburgh to raise funds for St. Columbas Hospice.
    St. Columbas Hospice is a fully independent local charity funded by donations by the public, they are currently trying to raise £7 million for a full rebuild of the hospice which is no longer fit for purpose.


    What have i been doing with 2009 so far? AmbITion!


    What have i been doing lately? Well, since January 2009 I have been involved in an amazing project –  AmbITion! As the Digital Content and Roadshow Producer I have been producing, facilitating events and disseminating the knowledge emerging from the project digitally on video and online.

    AmbITion is a programme intended to develop aspirations and new competence for
    the use of ICT and digital content in the arts sector. The AmbITion approach enables arts
    organisations develop effective use of digital technology across all areas of their business
    and artistic practice, improving their offer and competitiveness in a 21st century market. This knowledge and the lessons learnt was then taken on the road –  the AmbITion Roadshow toured 10 one day events in every Arts Council England location. Currently we are in Phase 2 where we are producing rich content ‘how-to’ e-brochures about every aspect of digital development. Watch www.getambition.com for excellent resources and for developments of AmbITion Scotland!

    Here is Hannah Rudman, AmbITion Lead giving some background at AmbITion and Arts Council England South West Roadshow!


    video production from concept to DVD/online use

    The producer behind beyongolia, Erin Maguire is also Head of Video Production at Catalyst Event Production Services. Producing promotional and event video, swift and seamless delivery of client vision from concept to delivery:

    Filming live events, interviews, locations, creative video photography

    Live relay & live video mixing

    On-site video DVD production for immediate distribution

    Idea development from client concept through pre-production, production management, video production and post-production to delivery

    Post-production, editing, titling

    DVD authoring, original DVD menu design and disc and sleeve artwork

    Delivery of final video for specific use: online /multimedia purposes

    HD, Standard definition

    Working with the client to achieve their vision whether its a loose brief or a strict scripted structure.

    Example project:

    Basic brief: to promote the features of an induction hob for managers and customers in-store. 50 x DVD with DVD face artwork design.

    Developed a treatment and script in accordance with a style the client wanted and main features of importance. Select soundtrack options: library music and voice-over.

    Scheduled a one day shoot with producer and camera person and hand model in a studio kitchen on location.
    Commissioned recording with a voice-over artist.

    Edit with client revisions. Library music and voice-over. Title design and import into edit. DVD face and menu design. Demo DVD couriered to client for sign off. DVD duplication and face print. Deliver!